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About Your Mermaid

Mermaid Magick is a small company made up of a handful of people who want to bring a magickal vision to life - your vision. They aspire to make magickal mermaid moments both accessible and safe to all.

Meet our instructor!

Our mermaid instructor currently holds seven certifications pertaining to Lifeguarding and Public Rescue


Davina Liberty is a dual-licenced professional Mermaid and PFI (Performance Freediving International) Freediver.
A self-taught swimmer, she has pursued formal instruction as an adult. A Red Cross Lifeguard and Certified NAUI SCUBA diver, she has recently completed her International Mermaid Instructor's Licensing (6 levels) in the Philippines, where she also volunteered for an underwater coral restoration program. Mermaid Liberty is currently working as a Marine Naturalist in the San Juan Islands as an Orca Steward and public educator, encouraging others to join in on conservation efforts and live with passion for our waterways.

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