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Mermaid School


Do you have what it takes to become a Certified Mermaid? 
      Are you considering a career in Mermaiding and are ready to master the basics?

We work with Fin Fun's Mermaid University curriculum to create a program that is fun, safe and beneficial for all aspiring Mermaids. 

Aspiring Mermaids Must complete the following:
PFI Freediver Certification (preferred) OR Certified PADI scuba diver


Your Certification Course Includes
- Five days of 2 - 3 hour private lessons
- Use of monofin & tail color of your choice
- Underwater photo & video package on your last swim test day 
- Beach side above-water photoshoot
- Certificate of Achievement
- Licencing fee
Price: $625.00

- Tails and Monofins provided for all classes.
- Option to purchase tail and/or monofin at any time.
- Students must be proficient without a tail and pass a simple swim test before trying a tail and/or monofin.
- If you are interested in a series of swim lessons to become Mermaid Tail Ready, please contact us and we will connect you with one of our qualified swim instructors. 
- Does your hotel have a pool? See if we are contracted with them! Additionally, please contact us if you need help finding a hotel that we are contracted with.


Please contact us with your size and tail color preference when you book. 

To learn more about our qualified instructors, click here 

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