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Mermaid Magick uses Fin Fun's cloth tails and versatile monofins for our classes, parties and photoshoots. 

Why Fin Fun? Not only are the variety of patterns amazing, but they are the safest full-tail skin & monofin combination on the market. They are easy to kick off in case of an emergency, and this brings an important safety element to the table.

Additionally, Fin Fun made a cash donation to victims of the 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, CA and also replaced three tails lost in the fire, belonging to honorary members of our Mendocino Mermaids non-profit. We appreciate Fin Fun as a company.


All tail and monofin purchases from Mermaid Magick are made in person, or by advance order prior to your lesson, party or photoshoot. We charge the same as company retail - no discounts, but no markups either. 

Looking for a monofin that won't tear your feet up? Fin Fun's monofins are very comfortable in the water!


Need to rent a tail and/or monofin while you're in town? Our Rentail Service is available to you at $15.00 a day!

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